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Please note!!!!! This information can be found on the website and on the Facebook page.

The next meeting of the BCC is going to be on 30th June @ 7pm. 

This months NEWSLETTER NEWSLETTER & Minutes -June 2015


If you are entering the competitions (Open and Subject) please have entries in on or before 26th June! Please look on the monthly competition section for submission guidelines on this website!


Newspaper Info

Coming weekend events – please let me know who can make it to an event by Friday Lunch time please.

Vanessa asked who can make it to the Jenny Shorter auction.

Sam from the paper has sent me a request for coverage of some of the events this weekend… Please let me know who will be interested in attending which events by Friday so I can let him know…

Sam asked to send in a selection of your best shots with names to by Monday morning (we require full-res, original file size for print) or drop in with a USB stick at NVI.

So happening this weekend:
Saturday: Gunnedah hawks (red team) soccer match at Geoff Morgan playing fields, down near the greyhound track. first grade kicks off 3pm.
Sunday: Gunnedah rifle club shoot. range located a few kilometres past Gunnedah tip on the left. look for red flag. range is at the end of a dirt road. starts about 10am.
Sunday: regional junior tennis tournament. the kids will be playing all day at courts all round Gunnedah including the main town courts.
Pics from the basketball finals would also be welcome

Important NOTE: If anyone does take photos with people in them, could they please get their names? The paper can’t run people photos without names (unless it’s a crowd shot).

Please write down names left to right if there is more than one person (and front row and back row if applicable). Getting the person to spell it or check the spelling is really important as there are many non-traditional spellings now, and people get cross with us if their name is published incorrectly. We also write down extra details, for example, if it’s a photo of a person with their plane, does the plane have a name? Is it a particular model? It’s all great for the caption.

Let me know who can do what, where and when – 0267425630 or

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