Simone Carlyon


Hi, my name is Simone Carlyon. For as long as I can remember I have always loved photography and taking photos. Even with my first point and shoot I would be so excited to send off my film and eagerly await the return (usually to find only one or two good ones).1520695_10152155672615530_1281698820_n

I am by no means a professional photographer, more of a hobbyist. I love working with children and families especially newborns, however my perfect photo shoot would have to be ‘birth photography’.

The last few years since I have begun taking photos for others, instead of scurrying around after my 4 beautiful little ones, has been a major learning curve. This learning is always continuing with every shoot as I strive for perfection. My OCD is definitely both a positive and negative in this business.

11951314_10153699668195530_2769509156392441287_nMy 4 children have aided my knowledge immensely. There have been many youtube tutorials watched and practiced on them and of course I am bias when it comes to the photos of them I produce. I also need to mention my husband, who has always been supportive of my drive to improve my photography skills and never refuses when I ask, ‘can you come and take a look at a couple of edited images for me darlsey’ (which is more often then you would think). I’m sure he is not nearly as interested as he makes out.

If you take a look at my work and like what you see, and are interested in having me catch some memories for you, please feel free to contact me when convenient.

Monday – Friday
9am – 3 pm
(The above was taken from Simone’s website please check it out HERE)