May Open Competition

“Smoke It” Jodi Dolbel
This photo is all about boys and their toys. My husband all in black looking like a bad boy surrounded by the white smoke coming from his tire kind of reminds me of a dark angel rising from the clouds. Shot with Canon EOS 70D, f/13, Exp 1/800 secs, ISO 100, Focal Length 171mm.



“Jordan’s Cars” Chloe Lamb
Taken in our lounge room on my iPhone while playing, photo turned out heaps better then expected with natural light.



“The Cocky” Paul Williams
This image The Cocky was taken 08/12/12. The details are Canon 60D, Canon 70-300mm lens, F-stop 5.6, Exposure Time 1/500 sec., ISO-100, Focal Length 300mm.

005-May15-The Cocky


“Pink Grevillia”
Nikon D5100, f/1.4, 50mm, ISO 560.

Stacey-May15-pink grevillia


“Path of Colour” Hayley Hausfeld
Shutter speed 1/30sec. Ap f/6.3 and +0.7 exposure comp. zoom 55mm.
I saw this gorgeous driveway on my way down to The Central Coast. I took notice where it was and stopped on the way back. Took a few photos looking at different settings but this is the one I like the best.

002-May15- Path of Colour


“Framing the River Gums” Margaret Carr
Canon 550D with Canon EF-S 55-250mm IS STM lens, AV (aperture priority) mode, 1/125, f/10, ISO-500, f/length 100mm. Underneath Cohens Bridge over the Namoi River at Gunnedah.

MargCarr-May6-Framing the river gums.jpg


“Orange” Prisca Allen
Canon 60D, f/4.5, 32mm, ISO-100.




“Peekaboo” Rudi Bronkhorst
Canon 600D, f/6.3, 214mm, ISO 2000



“Whispers” Nicolette Bronkhorst WINNER!
I took the photo in the Gardens of Tranquillity in Darling Harbour and the whispers the wind made in these reeds, were absolutely captivating… I had to try and take that feeling home with me. The photo was taken 20 September Canon 600D, f/4, 18mm, ISO 100



“The Point” Tess Cholson
Canon 60D, f/2.8, ISO-6400, 100mm

cactus (1 of 1)


“Owl at Home”
Photo take at the gunnedah wile life park of an owl and its home.

15515 008


“Cappadocia” Allison West
This photo was shot on my Canon EOS 60D in October last year during a holiday in Turkey. We were lucky enough to go on a spectacular hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, this is one of  many, many shots I took during the flight. The textures in the landscape were fascinating and made for some really interesting shots. I really like the contrast between the landscape and the form of the balloons in this shot and luckily we hovered in exactly the right position for me to get the composition just right! If you ever find yourself in Turkey, this balloon flight is a must do – photography heaven!! Technical details – shot at f/7.1, exposure – 1/100sec., ISO 100.



“Reaching for the Stars” Nick Clark
This is my attempt at star trails taken over a 2 hour period. Settings were ISO 200 with exposure time of 4 minutes with a 10-20mm lens set at 14mm. 30 images were taken, including a dark frame (lens cap on) and stacked together using StarStax software which is the preferred method of shooting star trails from what I’ve read. I attempted this in my backyard and used a ladder for the main foreground object with the appearance of ‘reaching’ for the stars by climbing the ladder. When I put the images together I was overwhelmed with how it turned out and where the southern celestial pole is positioned within the photograph (which is basically impossible to position as you have no idea exactly where it is in the image until they’re all stacked together!)

NickClark-MAY15-Reaching for the stars


“Drop” Anthony Cholson
Canon 60D, f/4.5, 32mm, ISO-100.



Darling River at Bourke in May 2009. My camera was a Canon 400D – setting was on sports mode – f5.6  1/1600sec  ISO400. The spoonbill had been flying around and landed on the log and then started to walk up it – image appealed to me.



“Rodeo” Kate Oram
Moranbah Rodeo after a long days competition.

KAteOram-05-2015-campdraft sunset-

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