bcc_logo_incThe Blackjack Camera Club Inc is a group of photography enthusiast based out of Gunnedah and surrounding areas.

Over the coming years we hope to enjoy a varied and stimulating programme of guest speakers, photographic competitions, excursions and practical and creative sessions.

We hope to learn from our members by exchanging ideas and advice with each other. We look forward to welcoming members of all ages and experience! We are all here to appreciate and learn through the beauty of photography.

To join please fill out Membership Form and hand form into to Stuart Dolbel at Rileys Furniture and Carpets, 251 Conadilly Street, Gunnedah (next to McDonalds).

Blackjack Camera Club Inc

PO Box 147

Gunnedah NSW 2380


President: Kellee Clark 0428 668 080

Secretary: Pat Timmins 0428 629 798

Treasurer: Stuart Dolbel 0428 427 627


Explore the World Through Your Lens.

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