Each month we hold a subject topic and open section photography competition for financial members as well a “most improved” award.
Only members who have not previously won a competition can enter in the “most improved”. All entries should be run in the same way as an open competition. Please state that the entry is for the “Most Improved” section in the email submission.
These competitions are aimed at improving your experience as a photographer and fostering some healthy and friendly competition. No prizes are awarded.
Monthly Competition


Subject of Interest –
The subject of Interest is open to both colour and black and white images*. The subject will be chosen by the Club every month and announced at the monthly meetings.


Open Subject –
The Open Subject competition is open to both colour and black and white images and can be any subject matter that the entrant deems worthy*, these include macro, landscape, portrait, underwater etc.



 Competition entries must be submitted no less than four working days before the next scheduled meeting and must include a short description with information such as location, technical information (if available), inspiration and initial intentions (did the photo turn out as you expected) or anything else you would like to add.

Please submit all email entries to with the subject line (month) subject submission or (month) Open Submission.

Each member may only submit one entry in each competition.

In the message content include your name and title of your photograph.


*The BCC reserves the right to remove any pictures that they deem pornographic, overly violent, or unsuitable in any way.

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