Di Stacey

‘I am more interested in being good than famous’ – Annie Leibovitz 

distacey_feb_Article1Acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz’ quote resonates with who I am. I am a creative person at heart and as such have worked in creative industries for all of my life. I like to challenge myself and learn from the people around me, most ofdistacey_feb_article_3 all I love hanging out with other passionate photographers. I shoot lots of Musicians (lol – pun intended), I am fortunate enough to hang with an awesome bunch of really talented people who allow me to tell a little of their stories  piece by piece. Capturing the spontaneous moment and telling stories through a series of still images is my passion, I love watching people and take great joy in capturing the real person, finding out what makes your subject shine, its gold when you capture that shot or series – the reward is in your subjects delight when they see the results!


To contact or hire Di for your next big event please email: distaceyphotography@yahoo.com.au