Gwydir Wetlands

Written by Hayley Hausfeld. Photo’s by Hayley Hausfeld, Pat Timmons and Marg Carr

Every few months Pat decides to take herself off for a drive in the countryside to recharge the batteries and see something new. On the 5th May, The Namoi Valley Independent had a special on the Gwydir Wetlands. The Gwydir Wetlands is a conservation area near Moree. It is only open to the public for a couple of months a year and only until the end of May. It is an internationally recognised for its bird life, including Straw-necked Ibis, Egrets, Glossy Ibis and Nankeen Night Herons. There is a bird hide for observation and a toilet and picnic facilities.

Map Gwydir Wetlands

Pat put out an invite to anyone who wanted to join her and Hayley and Margaret answered the call. We headed out at 7.30am to get an early start as it was a 260km drive. We had a coffee stop at Moree before heading out 60km towards Collarenebri.


We made a few stops on the way out to take some pictures. Including some irrigation channels and cotton waiting at the gin.


Then we finally got to the Wetlands.


On the way in we saw a small Brown Falcon perched on a post.


This was a fantastic start but proved to be our most exciting Bird encounter. The birds must have heard we were coming and decided to take a holiday.

We put on our gumboots and squelched around in the mud.

DSC_0041 (2)


And the long grass. Pat ended up falling over and landing on a star picket. I just can’ t understand how she didn’t see it whilst walking through this……

It really was a lovely place and we had a lovely time.




Saw a few birds, Willy Wagtails and Ibis, a magpie and a Spoonbill.

After our picnic lunch we continued along the loop and stopped at the Gingham bridge for some more photos. Including Hayley getting stuck in the mud. Perfect photo opportunity is seemed. As well as some swallow nests built under the bridge.

o0rVPWCZEu4Ewq4AOWNqc3xTr19TG9hn5f4GQOOITSE,0yxnV8hL4x7AM-yQikY635B8UEfKkFSGrLIzTDOGMqwDSC_0079 (2)_okUZzaRkiMzrLX4EDIcAuJKcTGv5cFQdIkqkjLFqb4,oLtBIvJRJVZzuHG6XNZgYRkrF1VKKqV_jdmSxXOn5wU

We drove past quite a few Emus. This mother and 2 larger children were the closest we could get as they were very skittish.


Some more stops along the way before heading back to Moree for our drive home.

L_SzCLFMkOeczybZVzrHkX5IbSsHFx7KmBA9jSnNfsQ,gHqpYyV9dU8nK3DR43KEkLytvHBveIbMZKIxbRzZZ3UN364SFmQa8VAAeqPN1juzuBUqwWkOvF-WWFvtUCmqX0,dwr8z-EHhgCQpgR0JcHscT5HQHsut8yI2TRL1jzDkUQMEm8n7PLzu7amBR791oIobjBBky9hct85O0V2zdQBKM,QRIg7bkoAfgJ-zNKESPYB0ufMGyvBxnCk3t-sCfTFp0eFPqwVybAmKYZkwnmUOzZkky5izPXzXnphcJsi2A3SE,r4CJbk7QVgy6FmEDSeAn7VPFb4wRxYMeE6Ku-eIr5W4DSC_0100 (2)DSC_0091 (2)IMG_9308

It wasn’t the bird paradise that we were expecting but we all had a lot of fun and took some great photos. It was great to get out and see something new be with others who love stopping for photos.


This is what Pat’s leg ended up like on Sunday night. Poor Pat.

2 thoughts on “Gwydir Wetlands

  1. Hayley, I just found your report on our adventure … it’s awesome. I smile every time I think about that day 🙂


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