October 2022: Open

1. Full Flower – Open
2. Cherry Blossoms 
3. Bubbles
4. “The space in-between”
f/6.3, 1/250, ISO-100
Impressive art at Sea Lake, Victoria. Working Grain Corp silos behind a railway line, painted by Drapl & Zookeeper (Oct.2019)
Tells an indigenous story of the local area & wildlife around Lake Tyrell (the pink salt lake)
5. Photo was taken with a  Canon 60d and on shutter priority   1/400sec   f7.1    ISO 320
Mr Kookaburra was quite content to sit in one spot for a while so managed to get him on the ground
7. Stay Sassy
How I love it when the grandkids come to stay. Little Miss Ellie getting into all kinds of mischief.  She was getting sick of me taking photos and thought hiding in the tree might save her!!  Nope! Shot with Canon 90D 100mm Lens. f/2.8 ISO 500
8. Spider
9. Colours of Fez
Shot on my iPhone during a holiday to Morocco in 2018. This shot captures tannery workers in the mindboggling maze of streets of the Fez medina.
10. I Found the Whale
shot at F8; 1000th sec; ISO 200

11. “A dusting of Colour”

50mm lens  f 1.8  1/640 sec  ISO 200 

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