A Splash of Colour: November 2022

1. Twinning with just a dash

100mm  f 4.0  1/1600 sec  ISO100


3. Sunset at Lake Keepit
Shot on my iPhone during a quiet few seconds on a Year 4 excursion recently 



6. Ti Tree between Daly Waters and Katherine
I had borrowed a Nikon Telescopic 500 f1.8 (fully manual) Very old lens


Taken on my phone

A decoration of amazing Aussie flowers taken at my nephew’s wedding

The settings my phone camera selected for this photo was  f2.4     ISO 50    1/153/sec

8. A Splash of Lavender

9. Stormy colour splash
f/5.6, 1/60sec, ISO 100

10. Mr Frog. 
Had this lovely man on my front door step so I ran for the camera. Was very patient in his posing for me…. Just love all the colour

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