October 2022: New Life

1. Ranuncula – New Life
2. Baby Goats
3. New Life
4. “Sprouting alien”
f/16, 1/250, ISO-1000

5. Blossoms coming to life after a cold winter
Taken on Canon 60d    one of my rare tries on manual   1/1000sec   f6.3   ISO 1/800
6. One of the best times of year in our garden is when the withered branches of our Wisteria come to life and fill with these gorgeous lilac flowers.The bees also think its a pretty special time of year.
Shot with Canon 90D With 100mm Lens. f/3.2 ISO 160

7. Elle
8. Emma and Teddy
A beautiful moment between my niece Emma and her newborn, Teddy.
Shot on my Canon 60D on monochrome setting in-camera, f/4.5, 1/25 sec., ISO 3200 (aperture priority) 
9. New life in the dark
1/250; f4; ISO400
10. “Family”
400mm lens  f 4.0  1/2500 sec 

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