June 2022: Open

1. ‘Musee d’Orsay’
Shot on my iPhone and converted to black and white. 
I captured this image during a holiday to Morocco and Paris where I decided to ditch all the camera gear and shoot on iPhone only.
2. Watching you watching me
Canon Rp mirrorless with Canon RF100-500mm lens
f/5.6, 1/1000, ISO-320 (+0.3) f/l 270mm (+heavy crop in PS)
So happy to have captured Kanlaya’s eye contact with me as she bobbed for apples in her pool. She really hammed it up for all the clicking cameras

5. ‘A Tiny Friend’
100mm macro   f 16  1/5 sec  ISO 400

When he decided to teach himself how to weld and asked me to help…….I get the camera and take photos.

8. Evan
Love this photo of my big baby. He has such a wicked sense of humour and this photo really catpures his personality. 
ISO 800, SS 1/500, f2.8, 35mm prime lens
10. f2.8, 1/640, ISO 800

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