June 2022: Depth of Field

1. Lounge lizard
Canon Rp mirrorless with Canon RF100-500mm f/4.5-7.1 L IS USM lens 
f/8, 1/300, ISO-500 (f/l 428mm) Taken 6/6/22
Only about 15cm long on the arm of the verandah chair with just his head in full sun, which lit up his colours & texture beautifully & made me run inside for the camera.
Despite aperture f/8, this shallow depth of field with only the head in focus, was due to the long 428mm focal length, single point focus on eye, separation of subject from the background & me stooping to shoot at his eye level. No time to fiddle with other settings.. he was off after a burst of 4 shots. Normally I would probably bin this shot, but kept it to demonstrate DOF issues that often happen to me when shooting small critters!


3. Big Green Frog
Found this big beauty in the backyard. Love how you can see the dirt and all the pores in his skin that is focus. 
ISO 200, SS 1/400, f5.6 using 70-200mm lens @ 90mm
4. Look into my eyes
Taken on canon m50 auto settings 
5. ‘The Team’
24-70mm lens @38mm  f 4.0  1/320 sec  ISO 100
8. Tractor with character

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