Motion: April 2022

2. “Black Magic”
70mm   f 14   1/40 sec   ISO 100


5. Spinning wheels. This was taken as part of the week of speed in GUNNEDAH
7. Water Balloon
At this point, my skills with shutter speed are still pretty basic but after Hayley’s session I’m feeling more confident to have a go. I am yet to purchase any photo editing software so this image is pretty raw. 
Shutter priority – ISO 5000 1/4000s f5.
I wish the sun hadn’t set so quickly as I was attempting to catch the sun behind the water balloon for effect. This was the best I got on the day.
9. Burn Outs
Taken on canon 60D on the Action Program setting which gave settings as:
f/5     1/640 sec     ISO   125
10. “Blue banded very busy bee”
Canon Rp with Canon RF 100-500mm lens
f/6.3, 1/4000sec, ISO-2000, focal length 324mm
First time seen in my garden (their luminous blue bands & their bright green bulbous eyes are amazing). Much smaller & so much faster than the normal bee & they rarely settle on anything for more than a fraction of a second, so it certainly qualifies for the topic of ‘motion’. 
I set my camera to its maximum shutter speed 1/4000sec & even that wasn’t enough to ‘stop’ the wings. 
This is cropped probably 150% in Photoshop hence image quality is reduced, but I was happy to get a shot with reasonable focus of this very busy native critter in flight mode.
11. Show Rides

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