Open: July 2021

1. ‘the fork’
70mm  f 4.0  1/200 sec  ISO 400
2. Flying Rugby
Took this at a Rugby game I was snapping some photos at. Just got the right timing. 
Nikon D500 200mm Zoom
3. Ranger the llama
Canon Rp with Canon RF 24-105mm lens
f/10, 1/500sec, ISO-640 (heavy crop)
Such a beautiful boy with a regal presence about him. Those banana ears were a real standout among the 165 pairs of alpaca ears also running around on the farm
4. Sahara Sand Dunes
This photo was taken during a holiday in Morocco in 2018 when we spent a night in a desert camp in the Sahara and was shot on my iPhone. 

6. Storm on the water

This was taken on our last trip to Fiji, pre COVID. We were snorkeling and our sail boat is the one in the picture. The colours of the water & sky were simply just breathtaking. 
7. Photo Bomber

Photo was also taken at Alpaca Farm at Tomingly south of Dubbo
Was taking photo of the 2 alpacas crossing the water when this guy popped into photo
Photo was taken on phone and phone selected the settings of  f/2.4   1/1128 sec  ISO 50
8. A moment frozen in time
9. New member of the family.
when your baby girl gets her own baby girl
10. Bushwalk
1/125 sec; f5.6; 200 iso

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