Close Up: June 2021

1. Fungi and Snow

Took this photo on our recent snow day. Love the little fungi and lychins on the log and the snow. Nikon D500. 50mm lens and f2.8
2. Look Out

100mm lens, f 8.0, 1/250 sec ISO 1600

This little critter was really keen to get back into hiding out of the sight of hunting birds, keenly watching out while he climbed over the edge.
3. Black and Green

1/125th sec; f4; 560ISO

Nikon D500
Lens 105m Micro Prime lense
f 5 
ISO 125
5. Lovers
Can’t get much closer up than these two were that I spotted on my agave

Canon EOS-RP with Canon EF-100mm f/2.8L lens
f/16, 1/180sec, ISO-100
6. Marg

She had a close up encounter with death a few weeks back, pulled through, may have gained a few more wrinkles though.
7. Mr Rooster

Taken on canon 60D    shutter priority   f/2.8   1/80sec   ISO 200
8. Bloom + bee

f/3.3 1/125 ISO 200
9. Sunflower Petals

1/4000 sec at 1.8f, ISO 250

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