Black + White: July 2021

1. ‘Orchid’
27mm  f 5.0  1/160 sec  ISO 1600
2. Gorgeous Girl. 

Took this as a Deb Ball Photo for the Catholic Ball. Loved this chair and was able to talk a very reluctant Deb to take a few photos. Love the results. Nikon D500 35mm Lens
3. Line of Lode Miner’s Memorial, Broken Hill
Canon Rp with Canon RF 24-105mm lens
f/7.1, 1/200sec, ISO-100
This stunning & iconic architecture standing on top of the mullock heap overlooking Broken Hill left a lump in my throat & its narrow tunnel shape & sloping walls almost made me feel claustrophobic as I walked through it reading the plaques & seeing the rose tributes to over 800 miners who have lost their lives in underground mining accidents there. Converting this image to black & white far better conveys the emotions of my experience, both then & now
4. Landscape in miniature

This image was taken at Pensioner’s Hill and is a close-up of some soil that has been washed away by the rain, making a tiny version of the landscape.
Shot on Canon 60D, 1/125 sec, f/5.6, ISO 100
6. Playing with shadows
Nikon D90 1/1600sec, f3.5, ISO200
7. Alpaca Eyelash

Photo was taken on phone at an Alpaca Farm in Tomingly south of Dubbo
Phone selected these settings –  f/2.4   1/1004 sec    ISO 50
8. Thinking of Dinner
9. Nixie
F3.5 1/1250 ISO 400
10. All grown up
11. Evolving
1/90sc; f1.8; ISO400

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