February 2022: Free Choice

Bella Roma
Canon RP with RF 24-105mm lens
f/14, 1/160sec, ISO-100
The Tiber River not far from the Vatican in Rome
Waiting for brekkie
Canon RP with RF 24-105mm lens
f/4.5, 1/2500 sec, ISO-200
Maggie visits me every day & eats breakfast seed from my hand
Wet birdie
Canon RP with RF 100-500mm lens
f/7.1, 1/1000, ISO-6400
I’m in need of much practice with this hefty lens
Water Ways in Amsterdam
Photo taken on my phone
Whale of a time
I love the texture and story that an Iris can tell.
ISO 40   f 1.8   3.99mm   1/35 sec
Gowang Waterfall
Just a iphone photo. Long exposure.
Quick stop on route to Warrumbungles the long way. Stopped here as a child and have always wanted to return. Had to crop it as a few people wouldn’t get out of the way.
Taken at Silverton
f/7.1   1/250sec   ISO 100
‘Looking Up’
Patterns that draw me in.
ISO 400   f 7.1   24mm    1/160 sec
Water Lily
I came across some water lilies at Grassy Head and of course stopped
Photo taken on Canon 60D   F/5.6   1/800 sec   ISO 200
Bath houses
Composite pic: shot with 12mm; 1/60th sec; f4.8; iso 200
Ruby turns 4
We love birthdays so much that even our dog, Ruby gets a cake.
1/125 F/2.8 ISO 2000
Catch me
1/320 sec at f11, ISO 200
Nikon D90
Checking the Waves
1/800sec at f11, ISO200
Nikon D90
Good morning
1/2800sec at f1.8, ISO32
Taken with iPhone 
Flying Whales
Pretty in Pink
Amazing tree
This is just taken on my phone. Hard to believe this but I can actually stand under the base of this tree.
Campsite visitors
Friendly fella waiting for some crumbs.

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