Action – May 2021

1. ‘Race!’

50mm lens  f5.0  1/1000 sec  ISO 200

Nikon D500, lens was 70 – 200, cropped in Lightroom 
Absolutely love Pelicans, could sit and watch them all day.
3. Bull Ride

Some fast and furious action at this rodeo held in Walcha a little while ago

Camera 60D,  shutter priority,  F/6.3     1/2000 sec    ISO 500

My action is the power boat racing on the Hunter River at Raymond Terrace, it was amazing to watch and they were action and so fast. There was lots of people trying to get the perfect action shot.
Taken on my Sony Camera
F 5.6 ISO 80\Exp 1/500sec
5. Drafting

A fun day out with a couple of like minded camera buddies on a very dusty day. The beasts were fast but most of the drafters had their measure

Canon 70D with Canon EF70-200mm lens
f/3.5, 1/2700sec, ISO-400
6. Top Hat Wrestling

Camera Settings: 1/400 sec. f/10 70 mm iso 100
7. Bike and Plane

Took this at the Mudgee Airshow. The motorbike was jumping over the ramp while the plane flew under. Was pretty cool and very quick.

Nikon D500. 70-200 lens. 
8. Abstract action
9. Up and over

1/125th sec; f5.6; ISO 280

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