Open – May 2021

1. ‘Not cool Mum. Very NOT Cool!’

100mm lens  f4.0  1/1600 sec  ISO 200
2. Cobar

A recent trip to Broken Hill seen an overnight stop over in Cobar.
The only thing I did to the photo was crop it a little. This photo was taken on my phone.
3. Dragonfly.

A lovely sculpture on the Jindabyne Lake shore at Sunset. 
Nikon D500. 70-200 lens. 
4. Super Moon

f/22 6sec ISO 320
5. Sailing Competition in the bay at Nelson Bay

Very pretty to watch the 100 sailing boats competing.
Photo taken on my Nikon D5200
F 7.1
ISO 200
Exp 1/800sec
6. Under the Jaguar Sun

I had to at least have a crack at seeing if I could snag one of my bucket list ticks while visiting Broken Hill’s Sculptures in the living Desert recently, so I lined up with all the other tourists (mainly trying their luck with their cell phones) waiting for my very brief turn behind this most iconic & popular sculpture. Never ceases to amaze me how many people use their elbows & questionable attitudes when queuing for shots like this!!! We were about 30 minutes too early for the optimal sun-in-the-hole time, no cracking sunset to complete the experience, no time to experiment with settings, so I was pretty happy with the only two shots I had time to get. Shame I missed dead centre but I consider my bucket list ticked regardless. 

Canon Rp with RF 24-105mm lens
f/22, 1/100sec, ISO-200
8. His 76th show

1/500th sec; f8; iso 280

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