Open: April 2021

Canon m50 auto 
2. Sunflowers at Sunset
1/4000 sec, f1.8, iso 250
3. Just as I imagined Holland would be
When this very brief & amazing light lit up a bucket-list scene for me not far from Amsterdam, my camera was still stowed in a plastic bag in my backpack, because we’d got absolutely drenched during this stop. So, I was very happy to have at least captured it on my phone. Moments later the light & so much of the ‘feel’ had gone!!

One of my favourite moments & places on a fabulous trip just before Covid hit.
I agree with others who have quoted… “The best camera is the one you have with you”
4. What’s in a name?
1/60th second; f4; ISO 560

This magical man, whose face remained a mystery, was weaving people’s names in a quiet, dark spot in a pavilion.
5. Brumbies
Camera  Canon 60D   TV  settings   f/9   1/400sec   ISO 250  and a very slight contrast tweak 

Whilst on a trip to the Snowy Mountain area we came across some brumbies.  Managed to get a couple of them to stay still for a while

6. Cutting Edge
100mm f 8.0 1/25 sec  ISO 1600

We were getting some behind the scenes pictures at the Woodturners shed and loved the light, textures, patterns and tools. Oh I Love tools in a shed!

I would have loved to get the blade sharper in focus but happy that I didn’t move the camera at that shutter speed.
7. Freddie
F/2.8 1/160 ISO 800

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