Good Times: April 2021

90mm  f 5.0  1/1000sec ISO 200

There’s always action when these kids are around! 
Camera – Canon 60D –   taken on Sports mode  which gave settings as f/5     1/640 sec    ISO 1000

My grandson having fun in the water during a hot summers day

1/180 sec; f4.8; ISO800

For me, these two little girls, who were a couple of scamps, summed up the mischief and the wonder of the show.
Fishing at the Bay

1/120sec, f1.8, iso 40
This is a photo taken from my phone at my daughter’s wedding. Couldn’t believe that the dance floor was always full.
Easter fun
Taken on iPhone
Christmas Eve fun
I love it when I can be there to share the Grandies’ excitement at Christmas. (Taken 2017)
Canon 70D: f/6.3, 1/250, ISO-2500
Cousins on the loose
F/2.4 1/200 ISO 200

Stay tuned for the retaking of this photo once they are 18 🙂

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