August 2019: Astro & Night Photography

Under the Milky Way

ISO 3200
15 Secs
This was taken a little while ago, just trying to put in something a little different from our amazing outing in Narrabri, which was so much fun.


Attunga Lime

f/29, 10sec, ISO-640, 154mm


Jasha’s heart
10 secs
ISO 100

“Listening by night”
f3.5, 25 seconds, ISO3200, 18mm


Looking into the Sky.
Took this at Narrabri Array Telescope during our visit. Played with the colours and the dehaze to make the milky way pop a bit
Settings f 3.8, ISO 4000, shutter speed 15secs, @ 10mm.

Warm glow
1/125 sec; f2.4; ISO 1600





Exposure 15 seconds
ISO 400

This image was taken in south Africa,Manipulated in Photoshop, Zebras were lit by jeep lights.


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