Open: August

27, Goanna Track 2019

No 27
ISO 640


bettle no 3

The beautiful lady bird, haven’t seen them around for agers. So small and delicate.

ISO 200
This pup has a cancerous growth that means he won’t see his first birthday. His ‘mum’ Lizzy wanted to capture the special bond between Loki and his brother, Odin. While those photos were very sweet, this is the one that I loved most. Loki died just one week later.

“A quiet moment”

1/400, f2.5, ISO 400, 35mm


Sunset at Narrabri. Love the colours in this one.
Settings f 4.5, ISO 640, Shutter speed 1/80 @ 24mm

Lucy’s Van
1/180 sec; f2.4; ISO 800.


Water Divining
1/125 sec
ISO 200

This one was taken at Ponderosa pines Hanging rock, Most of the snow was melted we were a bit too late in the day.


Radio Telescope:

f/11, 1/3sec, ISO-100, 115mm

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