July: Enviromental Portrait

Uncle Ray…. Doing what he loves. 1912 A Model Ford from Scratch. Always tinkering in the shed, building, creating until it all works.

“Coralie of CWA”

This photo is of Coralie Howes and taken at 2019 Gunnedah Show. Coralie is a kind and generous lady so giving of her time to the community. She is the steward at the Show for the cooking section and the President of the CWA.  She is in her element buzzing around talking to people at the show. She was quite happy to let me play with her after I purchased the mandatory raffle tickets.

The photo was taken in the Arts & Craft pavilion and there was a strong harsh light coming in the doorway from behind her.

My settings aren’t quite right as I discovered later I unfortunately had my ISO set on auto and gave me 1000 which wasn’t ideal. I am still learning and playing with a relatively new camera D500 Nikon.

My setting for this photographe were 1/80 F3.5 50mm


Read to Me Mummy

This was taken late afternoon waiting for sunset.
F/4, 1/400 ISO 400
I ran  it through the sliders in Camera Raw to lighten it up a bit.

“Rock’s happy place”
Canon 70D with Canon EF 24-105mm lens
f/4, 1/250, ISO-400
Every item in this scene is significant in telling this legend’s life story


Speaker in full flight: James Knight
f5.6, 1/100



“Vying for the Shot”

Field Day

f/2.8, 1/1600, ISO-100, 100mm


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