August 2018 Open Entries

“Simple fascinations”
Canon 70D with Canon 18-135mm lens
f/5, 1/250sec, ISO-160, +0.7
A button to push & water was all it took to keep my very active grandson engrossed for ages.
I love the fascination on his face

The Lodge

Canon 70D, f 4.5, /1/5000, ISO – 200, 42mm.

Cranking the shutter speed up thanks to 70kmph winds.


The Food Line
More evidence of the drought are the hand fed cattle.  Moseying up to the feed trough at tea time.  Very well behaved, been doing this now most of their lives!
ISO 250


A few months ago I visited the old gold mining town of Hill End
This is just one of the many old charming originals
Photo was taken on my phone


Taken with a Nikon D5200, ISO 100, f/10, 1/400

I like silhouettes as it makes the viewer have to think more about the photo. Taken at the Gunnedah Saleyards.

Dinner Time

Sisters (forever)

F/1.4, 1/600, ISO 100

Night of her life.
1/125th sec; f2.8; ISO 320



Red shoes
F 1.8



Jumping Sacks
This photo was taken at St Xaviers Athletics Carnival. It is one of the students competing in a novelty event and I managed to snap it just before he came falling to the ground.
Settings f8, SS 1/500 ISO 100 Taken on 70-300mm @ 100mm on Nikon D5300 camera


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