July Theme Entries” Wet / Dry






“Clinging on”
Canon 70D with Canon 18-135mm lens
f/8, 1/250sec, ISO-100 (Spot Metering) Taken 17/4/18
Noticed the sun shining on this parched leaf defying the odds & holding on.
Made me think of all our awesome farmers doing just that.








Just one drop

ISO 200





Dry Sunset






Junior Entry
‘Floating Silver’












I think that water views make you feel alive and you become immersed in its beauty.

What A View

Nikon 5200


ISO 800





Light as a feather




I Remember When

Canon 70D

f/13, 1/160, ISO-500, 18mm




Ebor Falls





Junior entry:
Title: Down at the River
1/4000 sec; f4.8; ISO 3600




On the Lake
1/640th sec; f5; ISO 200








Splashing Lucy.
Took this during a recent photo shoot with Flutterbug. Love the look she is giving Grandma.





“Lake Lyell”
ISO 125








So wish my thongs could experience the mud again.





My entry for wet/dry. This one’s a bit of both 🙂


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