August 2018: Drought

Testing Darwin

70D, f/9, 1/250, ISO-100, 200mm


Canon 70D with Canon 18-135mm lens
f/10, 1/640sec, ISO-320 (taken near Spring Ridge 19/8/18)
Same view, same time, same family, but each documenting the ‘big dry’ from a different perspective.
I was significantly moved when I answered that question


This photo was taken on my phone at a friends property out the back of Carroll about 7 weeks ago.
They are really doing it tough like lots of others and we hope and pray for rain soon.


This is a photo I took at Little Kickerbell. The paddocks were sparse, sheep were still trying to survive, but evidence shows that not all of them are surviving this fierce drought.
Taken with my Macro 100m lens f/8 ISO 2000 1/5000
The day was dreadfully windy hence the need for such a fast shutter.

The View from Porky!

Green view taken in December 2016

Brown view taken in August 2018

Taken on a Apple Phone.

I think it is very interesting looking at the changes in the colour of our beautiful land.

New Hope


Tulcumba Burning

Sadly, in times of drought fire is prevalent, and even more devastating.
F10, 1/400, ISO 200

Still Standing
1/640th sec; f22; ISO 400




Hand Feeding
This photo was taken on a friends property. The drought has meant she is either loosing mothers or having to take lambs away from mothers to save either the lamb or the ewes. Because of this she is feeding 20-60 lambs per day and is fighting daily to keep them alive. She has lost so many animals. This is a daily struggle. I made it Black and White to increase the Dramatic mood and add a seriousness to a cute little lamb photo…..
Settings f 5.6, SS 1/160, ISO 100 Taken on 70-300mm @ 62mm on Nikon D500 camera

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