July 2018: Open Entries

Canon 70D with Canon 18-135mm lens
f/5.6, 1/800sec, ISO-1250 (Manual) Taken 10/7/18
Love my mooies & Hugo was adorable






Bee dive

ISO 200
























After the rain.

Canon 70D, f/9, 1/80th, ISO – 800, 100mm




Guess who’s photo!!!  It really makes me feel like a wine when I look at this photo….. I do love a sunset and a wine together!

Nikon D5200, ISO 100, F9, 1/320




Junior Entry







 junior entry
Title: Bed of Leaves
1/500 sec; f4; ISO 800




Bald Eagle




At the end of the day
1/200th sec; f14; ISO 280




Street Art
Took this photo in Freemantle. There was this amazing street art exhibit. Love that you can only see the full amazingness in a particular spot.




"Blast Furnace"
15.0 sec
ISO 320









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