February Theme: Romance

(junior member) on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone.
 ‘Puppy love’

This photo was taken at Byron Bay in September 2016.

This was taken at 6pm.
1/250 sec
ISO 100

Junior member: Two hearts

1/500 sec; f5.6  50mm lens

ISO 6400

“Just love”
Not often I’m around anything romantic, but this was a spontaneous emotional moment between my nephew & his bride recently.
A rushed & very dark phone photo that I’ve tried to get something from in Photoshop. Taken whilst doing my best to respect the space of the 3 hired photographers, unlike the 149 other guests who couldn’t have cared less

Title: Today

1/250th sec; manual f stop

ISO 6400

First comes love…
Next year my parents will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. My dad suffers with Parkinson’s Disease which makes it difficult for him to do simple things like holding hands. I feel lucky to be able to capture the love that exists between them after all these years.


ISO 200
Look What I Bought
Canon 70D, f/5, 1/50sec, ISO-6400, 51mm
“Romance Never Dies”.
1/200 f2.2 and ISO 100.
An elderly lady remembers her husband of 58 years.

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