February 2018 Open



‘Golden Rays’





1/500 sec; f2  50mm lens

ISO 1100





1/2000th sec; f1.8  50mm lens

ISO 200


“Froth & bubbles”
Canon 70D with Canon 100mm lens
f/8, 1/1300sec, ISO-6400
Taken last March when experimenting with this lens. Not sure why the bubbles (definitely no salt or snail-bait involved), but something different to shoot & the early morning sun was just in the right spot . Did heavy crop in post & found my own reflection in a bubble !!


ISO 400

1/160 F3.4

This was taken at our gathering by the river and was my first time ever day time shooting. I found it a great challenge and came back with this surprise shot of Nick. I didn’t do much to it other than crop, adjust the colour and balance and the sharpness.



Not quite eclipse… Id lost patients well and truly before that stage.

But I had fun capturing Moon Flair… a rare occurrence during hot months on the plains out of Gunnedah.
8 sec
ISO 10000


Long Day

f/2.5, 1/50,ISO-400,30mm Canon 70D



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