March Subject: Magic

Junior Entry.
“Graffiti Lights”
Shutter 30 sec
f 5.6
ISO 1600
focal length 52 mm




“give me fire”
Shutter 1/125
F stop 4.5
ISO 1000
Focal length 55mm


“Colour magic”
Canon 70D with 18-135mm lens
f/4, 1/100sec, ISO-500 (Manual mode)
Magic happens when you play with pattern & colour
Canon 70D, f/4, 15 sec, ISO-2000, 10mm



“Magic Glass!”

Taken with a Nikon




It is magic as the wine keeps disappearing from my glass!!!!




Junior Entry

Unicorn Magic



Singapore Gardens


Pages of light



River Nymphs

1/800th sec; f2.2; 50mm; ISO2000

Right at the end of the day, these two beautiful sisters created their own magic moment.



Junior Entry

Magic Wand

1/8000th second; f5; 58mm;  ISO6400




Always leave room for magic

F/ 2.5
ISO 200





China Town Clown.

This would have to be the scariest looking magician I have seen.  We came across him at China Town Markets. He was preparing for his show.

It was dark, and this is straight out of the camera.
Using my 100 mil lens!! Love this lens for sneaking up on people! Thanks to Anna Tenne for the tip!!! But he caught me!
1/125 Exp
ISO 12800
No Flash






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