January 2018: Open

My Crazy Monkey
This is Jake. He was on a blow up jumping castle and loving the water. I love his freckles in this photo.
Settings. 1/500, f5, 190 mm (on 70-300 lens) ISO 800

Red Back
1/320 f14 ISO 250  Nikon 105mm macro
Learning just how difficult this is! Side lit and flash.

“Winnie the mood dog”
f/5.6, 1/60sec, ISO-100
Canon 70D with EF-S15-85mm lens (full zoom used then cropped in post)
Moodiest dog ever! I tried hard to capture that, so was happy with this shot, as this expression is her to a T.
Taken couple of years ago at friend’s house at night with the only light coming from the TV. No flash unit back then, so pop-up used.

Guardian At The Door:

Canon 70D, f/9, 2.5sec, ISO 1600, 100mm


Face Off.

1/1000 sec; f2.5; is0 200


ISO560 – 1/640 – F2.8

I took heaps of these shots and a better contrast was coming down the beach towards the sea, but alas bent legs and no pointed toes in that shot!


Dusty Light”
Details; Nikon fstop: 5  ISO: 100  SS 1/320




Ethereal beauty


ISO 200



Let them eat cake’
Shot on Canon 60D
f/5, 1/80sec, ISO-1250, with 0.7 step exposure bias

Recently went to a rodeo in Walcha.  Been trying to improve my action photos and I feel I made great improvements at this rodeo.
At least I managed to capture some action and IN focus
Setting were f/5   1/1250 sec   ISO 800   on canon 60D

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