Open Competition November 2017

Lavender Bay

This photo was taken with my Phone Galaxy S8.
I just loved the colour contrast. I have run it through light room to pop the colour in the background as it was overcast and quiet dull.

‘Bubbles + Gog’

This photo came from trying to capture a ‘happiness’ photo for the Facebook challenge. While there were lots of happy shots, this appealed to me the most.
f/2.8  1/320  ISO 200

An apple a day!

Nikon D5200


ISO 160

Shutter 1/50


Purple Burst
I took this photo while on a night photography course at Werris Creek. I have edited it a few different ways but I love the purple colours that come through on this edit.
F Stop 3.5, Shutter Speed 30 secs, ISO 2000


ISO 320

“Mrs Murphy”
f/2.8, 1/500, ISO-100 (Manual mode)
Canon 70D with Canon 70-200mmL lens
Neighbour’s kitty visits often & loves sitting on my verandah cane chair. Was trying to get my head around this borrowed lens .. I’m so hit & miss with it. It’s weight doesn’t help when hand-held, as this shot was.



Big Guns

1/500 f7.1 ISO 1250

Mr Kookaburra
Was out and around one day and came across this fella sitting on the street sign


Lucy with a Flower.

Shot at 1/320 f4.8 ISO200

Sydney Harbour

Canono 70D, f/4.5, 3.2sec, ISO-200, 42mm

So my open photo this month has to come from my amazing little adventure to Ayres Rock. It was amazing to say the least. To think that the middle of the harsh Australian countryside could be so beautiful.
Michael and I drove around the base of the rock more than a dozen times and each time we would find something different and unique to look at. If you ever get a chance to go definitely go. You won’t be sorry.


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