History November 2017


Title Ticking Time
This is my parents clock that was my great grand parents and is about 100 years old. It is sitting on our side board that has been in our family for over 100 years and we have a photo of my dad sleeping in the drawers when he was a baby. The rolls are for my mums Pianola which is a piece of history all in itself. I made the photo Black and White and added some grain to make it look “Old”.
Settings Fstop 2.8, SS 1/90, ISO 900.

F/10, 1/250, ISO 320

“Family history keepsakes”
f/3.2, 1/160sec, ISO-1600
Canon 70D with Canon 18-135mm lens
I’m a believer in the importance of documenting family history, especially visually where possible. This is my beautiful Mum’s 70 year old wedding dress! Also in this image is the opal/gold necklace she wore that day, her honeymoon suitcase & hat box & even the original dress-hanger. I added a warm filter in processing to complement the framed sepia studio photo taken on her special day, which I love. The resulting tone enhances the nostalgia in my opinion. I have given each of her 7 grandchildren a digital, plus print copy of my image.



1/800, f3.5 ISO 1250



Junior member

Gone, not Forgotten

1/320 f4.8 ISO 200




Blackville Settlers.


Warrumbungles Pre Fire

This photo was taken in approx 1996, it depicts the gorgeous Wurrambungles before it was destroyed by fire.
This photo is grainy as it was printed in 1996 and scanned to digital.
My beautiful poppy.
Last station is quiet
Taken in a railway museum. It was under an awning and quite dark. The tour guide was moving us on quickly but I snapped this as we shuffled through an old carriage. First class compartment of an old train that used to frequent inland NSW lines.
1850’s Cellar Door
Nikon D5200
ISO 160
Shutter 1/125
This is at the Barossa Valley at Rockford Winery cellar door, just beautiful old buildings, not sure what the man is smoking!

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