Photography, Oct 2017

My Favourites….. Canon EOS 7D MK11; Focal Length 56mm; Exposure 1/125-f5.0-ISO 6400
This photograph shows two of my favourite cameras. My father gave me a Box Brownie for my 10th birthday. The Canon is a much loved and well used camera.
 Taken while on a holiday in Japan a couple of years ago, f 5.6, 1/200, ISO 100. The rather tame deer have become attractions themselves in some areas of the country which makes for some interesting interactions to observe.

Photography Power

I was lucky enough to watch/help a very lovely lady (and fellow member) on a recent photo shoot. I took this photo standing behind her trying to stay out of the way. I like the way the subjects are out of focus and the camera is at the bottom of the shot.

Settings. Fstop was at 2.8mm, shutter speed was at 60 secs, ISO 400. On 50mm Prime lens.

Cold At Coona

Canon 70D, f/4.5, 29sec,ISO 4000, 12mm




“Dad’s apprentice”
My younger son is a Real Estate Photographer.  I took this last year when I tagged along on a shoot with him & his 7 year old son, who enjoys setting up shots for Dad & asking about settings. Couldn’t resist capturing this moment when his work was checked before taking the shots. His composition was spot-on Dad said
f/10, ISO-250, 1/80, 55mm (Aperture Mode)
Canon 70D with EF-S 55-250mm lens



Photographer in the Warrumbungles”
Took this on a recent trip to the Warrumbungles Whitegum Lookout
Settings were f/7.1     1/400 sec     ISO 250    and on Manual  and has a small contrast tweak.

The View

Nikon D5200, F 7.1, ISO 200


“Capturing Reflections of my Country”

This is two photos blended together in photoshop. I used a gradient mask to bring the landscape pic through the black and white portrait of the photographer. The Photographer taken in front of mirror.
“Stop Horsing around and take the shot”
I have been slack this month and had to search through photos I had
F 7.1
ISO 200
 1/80 f3.2 ISO 400 @ 85mm

With this photo I was trying to get a photo to jump out of my camera and lens as I was taking the photo.  It sort of worked and I’m kind of happy with it. Not sure about the boy pushing his train along the railway line…..

All up I have photoshoped 3 photos together to create an image that depicts photography.

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