March Subject: Aperture

Greasy Stripes
Having the hand in focus and the slightly cheeky look blurred in the background is a fun way to portray a six year old boy and his antics. Shallow depth of field is one my favourite ways to use my 50mm.
F 2.0  1/640  ISO 180

” let me take a selfie”
1/320,F/2.2, Manual, 50mm
In this photo I wanted the image on the phone and the hands to be the clearest part
And have the background blurry but still be able to recognise the shape of image behind


“Flower” ( Aperture) 1/80, f/5.4, ISO 125, 37mm

Jayde wanted to capture the flower while having the background fuzzy


This month i took a different approach. I like to work a lot with aperture when taking my photos and love a good bokeh but really wanted to show the concept a little differently.
My photo shows the stages of aperture. Initially i wanted to reflect the aperture shown in the lens to how each shot was taken but it didn’t give me the desired effect so, all three photos were taken at 1/30sec f.18 and ISO of 5000 at 35mm. I used a soft box from behind the camera to enhance light.



My beautiful subject has the most stunning eyes and they were my main focus.  I wanted to make the main photo all about her cheeky character and the mischief in her eyes.
ISO400, 50mm, 1/8000, f1.4



Canon 70D, f/5, 1/1250, ISO-100, 100mm

I was trying to get the back of the car and the foreground blurry while keeping the name badge in focus. Probably could have went to f/7 or so to just clean up the far edge of the “C” a little more. Bit hard to tell on the back of the camera.


The subject in this photo is tiny.  I wanted to capture the ant in focus using a 2.8 f/stop, and having the rest of the dried sunflower out of focus and with the angle the photo was taken on, I feel that it gives the photo a 3D effect.

Exposure was 1000, and ISO 5000. It was at 7.00pm in the evening.


Water Fun
I took this photo of my boys in the middle of a water fight with their cousins. I was focused on Jake but still wanted Evan to be visible in the photo without being the star.
I am happy with the results. I think you can see both subjects but Jake is the focus and it shows the fun that the boys are having in this moment.
f/5.3 ISO 500 My 70-300 zoom lens set at 220mm and 1/1000 shutter speed.


Rocks: ISO400  70mm  f/4.5

Tried to blur background so the rocks stood out


Canon 70D with Canon 100mm lens: f/2.8, ISO-100, 1/125
Intention was to focus on centre of snail’s head, use a wide aperture to blur the shell so it was only just recognisable AND get a very smooth bokeh to reduce background distraction. I knew the terracotta pavers behind when blurred this way, would compliment the colour of the subject. Saw the teeny ant climb on-board, so quickly shifted my focus to it. Only got one unobstructed shot before he jumped off.
Depth of field in this image is extremely shallow but the ant unexpectedly became the hero, so am happy that under pressure, I got reasonable focus on him at f/2.8. I was only 50cm away for this click but then cropped it 100%. Perhaps, more distance, f/8 or higher with faster shutter to compensate for twitching eye-tentacles, could have got more of the snail & his passenger in focus, but I didn’t get the chance to try it.
Love how wide apertures with this lens, gives the effect of ‘underlining’ the subject with a strip of texture when I’m down at their eye level
1/500 second
ISO 200
I took this photo some time ago when I was first learning how to use my camera.  The aim this day was to understand how
its focusing points worked so I drove about 20 km from town to an abandoned railway track and bridge, then lay down across
the sleepers roughly 10 metres above the river and focused on the rivet and lichen on the track.  My main concern at this
point was not to let the camera fall into the water below.  I found composing this shot quite difficult due to us being situated
over water with no support or security for either the camera or myself.


“Aperture” – Canon 7D MK11 1/60 F2.8 1S0 2500 100mm Lens
Focusing was on the butterfly, and blurring the optical fibre “Mini Christmas Tree” in the background.
Zoe, this image has a unique perspective on focus, pure and beautiful like herself.
27mm ISO 100 1/16000 SEC AT F6.3
This is a photo of my mum, doing what see loves, (and by the way she hates having  photos taken) so this is a shot I actually had to sneak while she was sitting out in the Queensland room Reading. As her eyes are not great she uses a magnifying  glass to help her read those tiny words. My aim with this photo was to only have the words that appeared in the glass to be in focus and to blur everything else out around it. Including the foreground and background. To achieve this I used my 50mm lens and a very small aperture setting of f1.4.
Although its not the best photo it has achieved what I was after, and now that mums knows she’s in the picture but not really in focus, I might now be able to convince her to do a set photo and have her pose.
Here’s hoping…
Wish me luck

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