March Open

“Bigfella”  1/60, f/8, ISO 100, 20mm


A drive from Armidale back to Gunnedah via Kentucky, Wollun and Walcha Road had plenty of opportunities to practice with my camera.
Size 8.8mb
F-Stop f/6.3
Exposure time 1/640 sec
ISO 100
Focal length 270mm



Canon 70D, f/6.3, 1/1600sec, ISO-320, 200mm

Just practising the “photo within a photo” yarn.


“When Little Love is Strong”.
I like the contrast in the picture, she had subdued her older cousin and is cool, composed and melted into a gorgeous hug whilst he is helplessly giggling and with the focus on her steady gaze, the little has become the strong.
I was trying out my new 50mm lens and enjoyed being able to take pictures inside without a flash.
f1.8  1/60 sec  ISO 640 (auto),  50mm lens.


Babies first pearls


“At least I have my boots”
ISO 200




Sunset hues

NIKON 5300

f/5.6, ISO-200, 1/125.

Photo taken August 3, 2015, 8km from Gunnedah on Kamilaroi Highway.



Morning Glow.
I took this photo on The Central Coast on Sunrise. It shows the rock pool reflection and the beautiful sunrise. I love the colours that came out of it.
f/9 ISO 100 18mm 6 sec shutter speed


Midnight Madness: f22, 5 seconds, ISO 50, 16-35@19mm

Dolphins surfing, ISO 1600 98mm f/11

Waiting for Mumma
Panasonic DMC-TZ40: f/5, ISO-100, 1/250sec
This sight reduced me to tears when I came across it trekking through Vietnam’s Sapa region in 2014. I hid behind our guide to take this photo so I wouldn’t offend those dear little ones, nor let them see my sad reaction to having no food or water left with them & their inherent danger, especially for the little boy, obviously not toilet-trained & no nappy, with legs dangling over a sheer drop. All part of their daily routine as they wait for hours in the oppressive heat for Mum to hoe the paddy terraces so far below that I could barely see her, but he hardly took his eyes of her. It was the word “beautiful” on the girl’s filthy shirt, her gorgeous but expressionless face & her brother’s fly-smothered snotty nose & his putrid stench, that really brought me undone & I get emotional every time I revisit this image. Some moments can’t be un-seen or un-smelt. This is one of mine.


The Memory of Running :   f 5.3  1/320  ISO 200


This is Jemma, a debutante I photographed, very happy with the result as it was my first formal shoot.
50mm lens, 1/4000 at f/3.2.


Break & Enter

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