Abstract: February 2017 Subject

ICM Tree

8 Seconds
ISO 125
24-105 @ 35mm
10 Stop Neutral Density Filter
Best Invention
Heart and Hands: Sometimes where our body is is not where our heart is.
There’s a little photoshop in this one. Five images layered.

Panasonic Lumix, 22/02/2017, 1/60, f4.9, ISO 160


This photo was taken with my camera on a tripod and then moving the lens in during exposure.
Completely bu accident at the time.
The photo makes me think of travelling back in time to when this truck was awesome and “The Vehicle” for farm travel back in the early 70s.
“When the planets align”
Canon 70D with Canon 100mm lens
f/11, ISO 1250, 1/100, +0.7ev, spot metering (hand held)
Tested the theory oil & water don’t mix. Felt like MacGyver setting it up. A very old & cloudy pyrex bowl with its lips perched precariously on 10 litre paint cans, 4 fluro sheets of paper underneath supposed to be lit by 2 bendy desk lamps (but the bulbs overheated & blew just before this shot & had no spares to fit them), plus a straw to keep activating the bubbles . El-cheapo tripod doesn’t configure to perpendicular shooting so handholding was a real challenge for me, as was trying to avoid the imprinting on the base of the dish that my camera kept trying to focus on. Caught these bubbles on the edge of the dish & loved their arrangement & the vibrancy of the reflected colours. Very little post-editing apart from the basic crop, contrast & exposure adjust
Abstract has been doing my head in and in desperation I took this photo with my phone while I was away recently.  It is actually of a tiles on the wall in a Club Ladies Loo (yep that’s how desperate I was)

Opera House – Cannon & 70D, 13/10 sec, F16,240mm, ISO 400


Cyber One Two….
Maritime Signal Flags are always so pretty fluttering on high but difficult to photograph effectively. This was a surprisingly interesting alternative! I had to crop a fair bit to get the composition I wanted but I just love the colours and the effect.
Nikon 7100   ISO 200 42mm f/10
Canon 7DMK11 Manual Setting 1/100 F2.8 ISO Auto
Subject – Salty Salami
Nikon 5300, f stop – f/5.6,  1/60 sec, ISO – 450, Focal Length – 55mm

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