Open: February 2017




At The Races

1/2000 Sec
ISO 160
Canon 70D, f/11, 1/10sec, ISO 320, 100mm.
Spotted this little guy trying to catch a breeze across the back lawn on that 46 degree Sunday.
Snips and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails
Title – Moo
Location – Attunga
Technical Information –  Camera Nikon 5300
  F- Stop – f/8
 Exposure Time – 1/320 sec
 ISO Speed – ISO 100
Focal Length – 260 mm

” Barkley”

18/09/2010, Fine Pix A610, 1/1000, F-stop f/3, ISO 200

(jayde was 3 years old)

For Jaydes 3rd Birthday she was given a camera from her Aunty ,

as she loves all animals ( except chickens lol) she spent a lot of time taking photos of our pets .

This is just one of them.


This is a photo that was taken a few years ago when attending a Canon Night Course. Looking through the steel fence at the Bridge at Night during Vivid Sydney.


“Bright & bubbly”
Canon 70D with Canon 100mm lens
f/11, ISO 1250, 1/50 (handheld)
Another cooking oil & water shot. Why? Because I spent so much time chasing those damn breeze-blown bubbles around the bowl, trying to get the wrapping paper I taped to a cutting mat underneath to be reflected in each of the bubbles in the cluster.  This setup did my head in because the pattern was very strong & the lens wanted to focus on it, not the bubbles. Manual focus isn’t an option with my dodgy eyes. So close to giving up, so was pretty happy when I saw this on back of the camera, given the paper’s zigzag pattern was fuzzy & didn’t have crisp outlines, the bowl was old & cloudy, I couldn’t use a tripod, I wanted f/11 to keep more bubbles in focus, ISO was already high & despite lamps lighting the underside, the resulting shutter speed was ridiculously low for my shaky body to handhold. Despite it all, I love the colours & hazy-matte effect I got .. just the look I was after!!!
Last Sunday night I visited the Observatory at Dubbo. This photo along with a few others was taken with my camera through the telescope.  It was a very interesting evening for someone who knew absolutely nothing about our night skies
The photo is the ETA CARINA NEBULA which is 8,000 lightyears away
I can only tell you it was taken on Manual on Bulb and was about 60 seconds

Lamps – Cannon 550D, 1/500 sec, F5, 42mm,ISO 100


Lauren – Steppin’ Out!
This was taken on a dull overcast day and obviously needed a high shutter speed but reasonably tight aperture to get a sharp image from a fast moving subject so I had to bump the ISO up a fair bit.
Hopefully it captures the agony of the learning water-skiier!
Nikon 7100  80-200mm @ 135mm       f7.1    1/1600
“Addie” Canon 7DMK11  Manual Setting 1/200 f2.8 Auto ISO

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