January Subject Competition #2: Reflections



I captured this sunset reflection shot while I was in Wellington NZ over the Christmas break, so many amazing reflections in the windows of the CBD at sunset!

Settings: Shot on my Olympus OM-D mirrorless, ISO 1600, 1/40sec, f/5.4, 39mm



Reflecting on the past:



‘Deep in Thought”, this shot was taken during a session with two dancers around the streets of Gunnedah.  70mm, f2.8, 1/250, ISO400.



Dam Reflection


Mullabah Lagoon

I have very quickly taken advantage of Stuart’s comment “shot anytime over the past 20 years”…thanks Stuart..phew!  no need to break my new years resolution of entering photos each month..no excuses!!

This photo was taken in 2014…it’s Mullibah, taken from   Maitland Street. 

Canon 550D  Landscape auto setting

Postproduction Lightroom Basic Preset.


ISO 100 52 mm  f32  3 sec
A further exploration of something I discovered by accident when taking pics for a recent facebook challenge!
“Reflection on benchtop”
Canon 70D with Canon EF100mm f/2.8L IS USM lens
Aperture mode: f/4.5, ISO 4000, 1/125 sec (shot in monochrome)
Tipped out my ‘vintage’ childhood scrabble set on the black laminex kitchen bench & was struck by the morning’s natural light enhancing or distorting the letter tiles’ reflections in different ways from different perspectives. So I set up this shot & had a play with different angles &  settings (and my new lens of course). My first attempt at something like this

This picture was taken in Bali in a place north of Seminyak Bali. I quite liked the warmth of the sunset and the outline of the palms and decking. I tried for a nice Silhouette and I think I achieved it here in this pic.


Skyscraper on Building

This was taken a few years back while looking around KL. We were on our way to the Petronas towers when I saw this reflection in the building opposite. Looking at it through the reflection highlights how majestic this building really is from afar. I thought this picture catches both the essence of the KL night life and the beauty of tower as it looks over the city.

Camera – Canon 40D

F Stop – f/20

Exposure – 1/6 sec

Focal Length – 26 mm

St Bathans

Crocodile Rock (Reflections) – This was taken on a recent trip to St Bathans Lake on the south island of New Zealand.
1/20 sec
ISO 50
16-35mm @ 24mm
Sunset Reflection
I was on my home from Manilla one evening and the sun was setting and I came across this big pool of water on the side of the road.
I stopped to take some sunset photos and managed to capture this reflection along with a sun flare
I cropped the photo a little otherwise it’s as taken
Was taken with Canon 60D on Shutter Priority – f/20  1/50 sec  ISO 200
The beautiful reflections of lake Keepit at sunset.
“Pagoda Reflection”
This is a scan of a photo I took on film in Myanmar. I love the reflection and how you don’t know which was it goes. The water makes the sky look bluer in the reflection.


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