January Subject Competition #1: Silhouette


Lake Keepit – Bush camping New Years Eve 2016.

We camped 3 days over the New Year at Lake Keepit, in the scorching heat, bushfire and mini cyclone…we had a ball. The sunsets were amazing. I shot this as granddaughter Addison was checking the canoe.

Canon 7D MK11 Manual Setting f/8 ISO 100

Postproduction Lightroom Basic Preset.


 Thistle in the Sunset:
After a storm in Feb 2016 the sky made the perfect backdrop turning deep orange as the sky cleared and the sunset/.
Canon 70D, f/10, 1/160sec, ISO-1000, 115mm



“Two little birds”
Canon 5d Mark IV
1/1000 5.0 ISO 400 @ 150mm


A Dancers Stance’, this shot was taken from inside a house looking out towards the door with the dancer filling the doorway to enhance her shape and stance.  The hardest thing was getting her dark enough without overexposing the background too much.  I also tried to get some light on her face and chest.
50mm, f2.8, 1/4000, ISO400.




ISO 400  48mm  f5  1/20 sec  (hand held)
“Pondering another dry sky”
Canon 70D with Canon EF-S18-135mm 3.5-6.6 IS STM lens
Aperture mode: f/22, ISO 500, 1/125 sec (focal length 35mm)
No strong background to work with so I got low in the prickles to silhouette not just the main subject, but also the fence, thistles & meagre tree-line. I also closed the aperture to capture the sunflare to try & add an extra dramatic effect by way of compensation. Some clouds would have been awesome, but I quite like the simplicity of this typical “dry” Gunnie sunset.

This picture was taken in Bali in a place north of Seminyak Bali. I quite liked the warmth of the sunset and the outline of the palms and decking. I tried for a nice Silhouette and I think I achieved it here in this pic.

Camera – Canon 40D

F Stop – f/3.5

Exposure – 1/2 sec

ISO – 800

Focal Length – 18 mm


Silhouette – Spilt Rock from Whitegum Lookout in the Warrumbungle Mountains.
ISO 320
24-105mm @ 105mm
“Country Style”
This was taken at a Country Music Concert in the Tamworth Town Hall just recently.
The artist was sitting on a stool and the lighting was very subdued hence the appearance of the silhouette
I cropped the photo, otherwise as it came out of camera
Taken with Canon 60D on shutter priority  f5.6  1/80 sec  ISO on auto
“Windmill Salute”
Took this photo during Pete Longworth’s Course. I love the windmill in the background and the details of the hair and the tie of the skirt.


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