July Subject

“New Years Eve kids at play”
My son was playing with some friends New years eve in Gunnedah, and of course I was playing with my camera. I didn’t have access to tripod, so used a step ladder.

Dee Woodward

“Dancing in the Ring of Fire” Nick Clark
A single 30 second exposure at f11 and ISO 100. The fire effect was created by spinning a whisk filled with steel wool and set alight on the end of a rope for approximately 15 seconds. I then had the subject jump in and fired the flash to freeze her pose.


“Bedtime” Margaret Carr


“Windmill” Jodi Dolbel


“Sunset Cabin” Stuart Dolbel
f/3.5, ISO320, 15 secs, I just loved the colour of this sunset with the silhouette of the cabin and the new moon with the planets above it.


“Good Flamin Drink”
Focal length lens 27mm, F 5.6, ISO 400. I like taking photos with wine glasses in them!!!  I like the simplicity of the photo, could have cropped photo but like the darkness around the photo.

31-July 15-Good Flamin Drink!!!

“Southern Cross Sky” Anthony Cholson
southern cross (1 of 1)

“Conadilly Night”
I used a Canon EOS 60D and a Tamron Lens 16-300mm. I took the image on 22/07/2015 at about 7:30 pm on Conadilly Street. I used a tripod, a release cable, and a lens hood. It was shot at  f/16, exposure 13 seconds, ISO 100, and focal length was 92mm.

005-JUL15-Conadilly Night

“Bedtime Story” Kellee Clark

Bedtime Story

“Reflections in the Night” Di Stacy WINNER!
This photo is taken at The Pub in Tamworth featuring Singer/Songwriter Alison Forbes and Bassist Trevor Stacey. I took the photo into the window essentially taking a shot of outside about 10pm on a Friday night 17/7/15, you can see the lights of a vehicle on the road through the window, the Mag Wheel  of a car in the car parked, the plants up against the window on the outside of the room. You will also see the reflections of Alison and Trevor taken through a Venetian Blind, resulting in a shot of Outside in the Night and Inside in the Night! 1/125 f4 ISO 12800 Focal length 50 mm distacey-JUL15-reflections in the night.jpg

“Swirls” Prisca Allen
“Lookout” Hayley Hausfeld
The night after our cancelled guest lecture night was a lovely clear night so I went up to Porcupine Lookout and tried my hand at star photos. This is my favourite. The red is the navigation beacon on top of the lookout. 18mm Lens, f 3.5,  30 secs
“Night Time” Rudi Bronkhorst
RudiB-Jul15-Night Time
“Moon” Tess Cholson
moon (1 of 1)
“Green Night” Nicolette Bronkhorst
NickyB-Jul15-Green Night

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