July Open

“Flying High” Hayley Hausfeld
Taken at Temora Airshow 2013. Its of 2 Spitfire planes (2 of the 4 flying in Australia) and another 2 old war planes. It was a beautiful day and perfect for photos.
002 July15 Flying High
“A Portrait of a Musician”
distacey-JUL15-A portrait of a Musician.jpg
“Date Night”
50mm Prime lens trigger release, ISO 250, F16, 2.5 sec
Date Night
“Gate” Prisca Allen
Gate (1 of 1)
“Orchard Swallowtail”
I used a Canon 60D and a Tamron Lens 18-270mm. I took the image on 18/10/2012 in the afternoon in my back yard. I hand held the camera. It was shot at f/5.6, exposure 1/60 second, ISO 160, and focal length was 84mm.
005-JUL15-Orchard Swallowtail
“First Snowfall” Jodi Dolbel
“Acting the Galah”
31-July15-Acting the Galah!
“Mr Bug” Tess Cholson
bugs (1 of 1) (2)

Canola near Goran Lake, Spring Ridge. I shot this with a Samsung Galaxy Note2 on the way to a breakfast meeting back in Sept 2012.


“Magical Sun Kisses”
First time seeing real snow. Came across this just before sunset. Started out shooting in Manual & Aperture modes, but light was changing every few seconds & was just too cold to be standing still adjusting settings, so switched to semi-auto mode & let camera do its thing. No lens hood, but sun flares hitting the snow was so captivating. Shielded with my hand as best I could, kept snapping & hoped for the best until my fingers were so cold they refused to depress the shutter again! Happiest with this one, less lens flare than the many others. Cropped panorama-style because I liked the look of it (& to avoid a distracting flare in foreground I didn’t know how to edit!)

MargCarr-JUL14-Magical sun kisses.jpg

“Sunrise at Pensioners” Nick Clark
Canon 550d, f22, 1/30 second, ISO 100. I used f22 to get the pointed star effect. I was looking for something simple for the foreground and found the chair which I’ve tried to silhouette against the colours of the sky.

007-July15-Sunrise at Pensioners

“Kieth Urban Lights My Fuse” Dee Woodward WINNER!
This photo was taken last winter at Narrabri. Keith Urban toured Narrabri’s part of his “Light my fuse” tour, and I was lucky enough to get tickets and up close to the stage as I am a huge Keith fan. The night was freezing, but very much worth it. Was a fantastic experience, one I would love to repeat.

Dee Woodward-july15-Keith Urban lights my fuse.jpg

This was taken on the Nundle to Tamworth Road off Thunderbolt Way out from Walcha. It was late afternoon and the sun was displaying some beautiful light across the snow. It was a really serene peaceful place. Camera is Canon 60D – setting used was P which showed F/10 – 1/250 sec – ISO 400
 “Creek Wash” Nicolette Bronkhorst
NickyB-Jul15-Creek Wash
“Macaroons” Allison West
This was my first attempt at a bit of food photography, needless to say I ate the props at the end of the shoot! Shot using my Canon 60D, f/5.6, ISO-640, using aperture priority.
“Eye See You” Anthony Cholson
Eye See You (1 of 1)

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