June Subject Competition

This Months Competition Subject is Portraits

“Country Girl” Kate Oram

KateOram-June2015-Portrait Country Girl-9


“Chilling Out” Di Stacey
Nikon 5100 f4 1/500s, iso 200 70-200mm@200mm

distacey-june15-chilling out


“Lost in her Passion” Margaret Carr

MargCarr-JUN11-Lost in her passion


“Mila Bath Time”
Nikon D5200, Flashed used, On Auto, ISO 200, F/5.6, Lens 18-55mm



“Othello” Prisca Allen

Othello (1 of 1)


“Bella” Madison Taylor



“The Door” Jodi Dolbel
f/1.8, Exp Time: 1/6400, ISO: 1250, Focal Length: 50mm



“Powerful” Nick Clark
This was photographed by an old building on a property at Bunyah NSW. This was my first attempt and after taken a number of photos I still came back to this one as my favourite. ISO 100, F3.2, 1/200 Second.

007_June15_Powerful Portrait


“Jodi” Stuart Dolbel



“Autumn Eye” Anthony Cholson

Leaf (1 of 1)

“Seth and Teddy” Chloe Lamb

image1 (2)


“Innocence” Rudi Bronkhorst
I was pottering around in the garden with my camera and our little girl was playing next to me, when I looked up at her, I just saw the Innocence of childhood and that’s when I got this beautiful photo to capture the moment.



“Concentration Plus” Hayley Hausfeld
This is my Dad. He loves golf. We tried a couple of different poses but he is quite hard to photograph. I think this is the most natural photo of him. He is doing something he loves and not focusing on the camera. Nikon D5300. Settings: 130 mm Zoom, 1/1600, f6.3, 200 ISO

002-June15-Concentration Plus


“Clem in Deep Though”
He is an aboriginal elder and this was taken in Northern Territory in a shop on a cattle station 300km north east of Alice Springs which was surrounded by aboriginal settlements. The experience will stay with me forever especially the gentle, caring nature of the aboriginals who frequented the shop. Camera Canon 400D taken on auto – settings were f/4 1/60 sec ISO 400

Pat Timmons


“Periwinkle” Tess Cholson

StellaGypsy (1 of 1)

“Addie Clare”
Photo is of my granddaughter Addie taken on Saturday 13th June 2015. Photo taken on an auto no flash setting using a 50mm Lens f/1.8 11

Ann Thomas-June15-Addie Clare


“Grande Dame” Paul Williams

005-JUN15-Grande Dame


“Maddy” Shirley Taylor



“Innocence” Kellee Clark WINNER



“I am wealthy in my friends” Allison West
A portrait of my niece and her friends enjoying the last of the beautiful autumn sun. Shot using my 50mm lens on my Canon 60D. f/1.8, 1/500 sec exposure, ISO 100.



“Gypsy Girl” Nicolette Bronkhorst
We had a wonderful picnic at the river and the lush green grass and peace of the day, made up for the “attack of the sticky-beaks” Playing dress-up and insisting on earrings (threaded into the head scarf) made for a wonderful gypsy look.

001-Jun15-Gypsey Girl.jpg


“Climbing” Chloe Lamb






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