June Open Competition

“Sister Eyes” Kate Oram

KateOram-June2015-Sisters Eyes-


“Sunlight by the River” Prisca Allen

Light by the River (1 of 1)


“My Arty Moment” Di Stacey
I shot this on a Nikon 5100 f4 1/500s, iso 200 70-200mm@200mm.
I was doing a project called the Home Project where you had to discover the beauty in everyday items, I was up at day break to get this shot as the sun came through the kitchen window and my white and gold teapot, sitting on a stool, cast the shadow on the red wall.

distacey-june15-my arty moment


“The Splash”

debbiethompson-June15-The Splash


“Strawberry Splash” Nick Clark
I was keen to take some photos recently on a rainy Sunday, so I decided to experiment with some off camera flash inside and made quite a mess. I shot in manual mode for the first time and learnt quite a lot in a short amount of time. It took a number of attempts to get this final image I was happy with. ISO200, F16, 1/500.

007_June15_Strawberry Splash


“Sunrise Over Manilla”
f/18, Exp: 1/125, Focal 29mm, ISO: 100



“Milford Sound” Stuart Dolbel



“Electric Colour” Hayley Hausfeld
This was taken at Vivid a few weeks ago. I have the best husband it the world who came with me to Sydney for the weekend for the sole reason of going to Vivid and taking some photos. This is my favourite photo of the Opera House. It was totally amazing and hard to choose a favourite. But I love the look of electricity and power in this photo. Nikon D5300 Settings: 55mm Zoom, 1/35, f5.6, ISO 1600. Taken on a tripod using a remote (first time trying).

002-June15-Electric Colour


“Busy Bee”
Busy Bee was taken at old Visitor Information Centre – photo has been cropped but otherwise is as it was taken Canon 60D on shutter priority – f/13  1/160 sec  ISO200



“Mooki after the Rain” Margaret Carr
Canon 70D with Canon EFS-55-250mm IS STM lens, f/8.0, 1/200, ISO-100, f/length 55mm. Mooki River on old Tamworth Road, Gunnedah. I really intended to take some photos of the old Mooki bridge that I used to rattle across in the Carroll bus twice a day all my school years, but it was gone…demolished years ago apparently!!!! However, the location was so beautifully green after recent rain & teeming with wildlife, I just wandered & clicked away there for a couple of hours. I was happy with the composition of this shot & the camera/lens/settings combination. LOVE my new camera!!

MargCarr-JUN02-Mooki after rain


“The Milky Way” Paul Williams

005-JUN15-The Milky Way


“Doggone Cute” Kellee Clark

Doggone cute





“Enduring Love”
A shot of my parents, currently celebrating their 53rd year of marriage, at Peppers Convent in the Hunter Valley. Shot on my Canon 60D, f/5.6, 1/200 sec, ISO 100, focal length 45mm



“The Long Road Ahead”
At Port Macquarie for a holiday, my 2 year old was adamant that she was independent and wanted to do everything (needless to say, this was ll very well till she actually fell into the water and got a mouthful of sea!). I love capturing moments and looking at her forging ahead, just got me to thinking of her long road ahead…
001-Jun15-The Long Road Ahead.jpg
“Last Stop Jincumbilly” Anthony Cholson
The Last Station (1 of 1)
“Koala Sleeping”
“The Sphinx”
I was having a play with my Macro shots and needless to say, this particular model gave me such a stare at the “Nap interruption” that I just had to share.
RudiB-Jun15-The sphinx.jpg
“China Doll” Tess Cholson
China Doll (1 of 1)






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