May “Australiana” Competition

“Old Man Emu” Hayley Hausfeld
This image was taken at the Waterways Wildlife Park. The emus came over nice and close to say hello and I was able to take this photo. It was not the image I had in mind to enter but looking back on the computer I kept coming back to it. I like how simple it is. Technical Details: 1/2500 sec, f/6.3, 300mm Zoom, Auto focus.

002-MAY15-Old Man Emu


“Man with Dog” Di Stacey WINNER!!
Nikon D5100, f/4, 1/100, 70mm, ISO400

Stacey-May15-a man and his dog_1


“Stand Guard” Chloe Lamb
Photo of an owl at gunnedah wild life park, taken on an iPhone. The photo turn out better then expected, the camera was small enough to get threw the wires on the bird cage.



“The Koala”
This image The Koala was taken on 16-05-15 at the Wildlife Park. The details are:  F-stop F/4, Exposure time1/1000 sec, Focal Length 32mm, ISO 3200.

005-May15-The Koala


“Taz” Nicolette Bronkhorst
The photo was taken at Currumbin Wildlife Park and this little guys’s sad expression just caught my imagination… I hope they will be around for many more years to come! Canon 600D, f/5.6, 1/60, 225mm, ISO-400



“Zoo Animals” Rudi Bronkhorst
Taken at the Wildlife park and tweaked using Lightroom. We had a fun day at the Wildlife Park and for me, you don’t get more Australian than a BBQ & family day outdoors! Canon 600D, f/7.1, 1/320, 60mm, ISO – 100.

Rudi-May2015-Zoo Animals


“Sunset Cabin” Jodi Dolbel
The inspiration behind this photo was to just capture this old shack in the sunflares with the sun setting. It just reminded me of simpler times when living in a little one room cottage was the normal thing to do. My Mum lived in a one room tin shack and this shack bought this to mind. I wanted to show the cabin in such a way that the viewer didn’t see an old dilapidated shack but saw the times that Ma & Pa would be sitting on the veranda in their wooden rocking chairs they made themselves watching the sun go down. Shot with Canon EOS 70D, f/22, Exp 1/6 secs, ISO 200, Focal Length 18mm.



Photo taken at the gunnedah wild life park of a wedge tail eagle. Nikon Coolpix, f/57, 1/400, 71mm, ISO-400DSCN0343


“Retired from Faithful Service” Margaret Carr
Canon 550D with Canon EOS-15-85mm IS lens, A-DEP mode, Monochrome, 1/60, f/8.0, ISO-250, f/length 60mm, Bloomfield Street, Gunnedah. With this month’s topic in mind, I’d been on the lookout for local opportunities. On my way back from camera practise along the river, I noticed an old rusting orange tractor on a vacant block. Once through the open gate, a little further down along the fence & shaded by gum trees, I spotted this amazing old seeder, with dead woody weeds entwined through it. Had been in retirement for a long time I think.

MargCarr-May02-Retired from faithful service.jpg


“Roo’s and Red Dust” Tess Cholson
Canon 60D, f/2.8, 1/12 sec, ISO-100, 100mm.

australiana (1 of 1)


“Rugby League” Nick Clark
When I think of Australiana, I think of my favourite Australian sport, rugby league. I used a 50mm portrait lens at f1.8 and ISO 100. I wanted the ball to be in focus and a jersey and football boot out of focus to complete the composition.



“Golden Oz” Prisca Allen
Canon 60D, f/4.5, 32mm, ISO-100.



“Clayton’s” Pat Timmons
Silverton. My camera was Canon 400D – setting was aperture priority – f5.6  1/50sec  ISO100. We were getting ready to take photos of the sunset when I spotted the “Clayton’s” tripod – I thought it was really great of how to make use of something that is used for something completely different.



“Rural House” Kellee Clark
Photo taken at KURUMBEDE Bluevale Road Gunnedah. Original rural house on the property that Dorothy Mackellar wrote her famous poem.



“Handful of Drought” Kate Oram
Taken out at Aramac, a farmer showing his drought affected land.



“Lazy Days” Anthony Cholson
Canon 60D, f/5, ISO-100, 100mm.


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