Moon Gazing

Pat Timmons
I use a Canon 60D camera with a Tamron 18-270mm lens
This photo I took on shutter priority speed 1/800sec f/6.3 (camera automatically sets this) ISO 320 with 246mm focal length.Pat Timmins
I find with taking photos of the moon a fast speed works well, however I do experimentnt with allsorts of settings and this is what I find works best for me.  During an eclipse as the moon gets darker, I keep decreasing the speed to allow more light and then of course I need to usethe tripod as it becomes more difficult for me to hold the camera still.
By using a fast setting I can take the photo quite successfully without using a tripod but needless to say a tripod is probably best as you can avoid camera shake when pressing the button especially if you set it for time exposure eg 2 sec delay before photo is taken.
I have reduced the resolution and cropped photo.


Marg Carr

Canon 550D (on tripod. No remote shutter cable)
Canon EFS-15-85mm lens (only one I had)
TV mode (shutter priority)
f/5.6 (chosen by camera)
ISO 200
AWB (no exp.comp)Marg Carr
Focal length 85mm (max. available)
* First ever attempt using a tripod or a moon shot. Didn’t have tripod setup properly so didn’t get moon positioned centre frame.
Also, didn’t turn off lens ‘stabilize’ switch , which I did read somewhere one should do when using a tripod??? But I forgot.
* Reasonably happy with my first attempt but will try again when my Canon EFS 55-250mm IS STM lens arrives to replace broken one to see if I can get a bit closer/sharper out of the camera.
* Will also dig out the shutter remote I bought years ago from its unopened box & work out how to use it (may help further to compensate for my medical affliction of body/head/hand shakes)
* Will maybe try shooting on full Manual down the track when I have more knowledge & confidence. Have never tried anything in M Mode & I’m pretty sure this is also my first attempt using TV mode.
* Would never have attempted this shot had it not been for the support, encouragement & sharing provided by club members … many thanks guys *:x lovestruck


Jodi Dolbel 

I have tried over and over to take a moon photo. I ended up reverting back to the auto setting for handheld night time photos but still couldn’t get a good photo!

There was only ONE thing I was doing wrong and it was such a simple fix I can’t even believe I didn’t think of it myself!Jodi Dolbel

Shutter Speed!!!

So last night, I sat down and got all my settings right before I even went outside. Setting the Camera to Shutter Priority, start at 1/250th Second

If there is too much light ie: Not enough Moon Detail try a faster speed. 1/320.

My settings for this shot were:  f/5.6 Exp 1/320 ISO 200. 250mm focal on tripod.


Nikky Bronkhorst
Tripod with 55 – 250mm lens
001) F-stop f/5.6, Exposure time 1/1600s, Exposure bias 0, ISO 200
005) F-stop f/9, Exposure time 1/400s, Exposure bias 0, ISO 200005
 006) F-stop f/14, Exposure time 1/320s, Exposure bias 0, ISO 200
007) F-stop f/32, Exposure time 1/400s, Exposure bias 0, ISO 200
008) F-stop f/7.1, Exposure time 1/400s, Exposure bias 0, ISO 200
 Hayley Hausfeld
Nikon D5300. 300mm zoom with manual focus. I think it was on full manual setting with Shutter at 1/800 sec and f/6.3 and ISO at 320. I just copied what Pat had used. It was not a fun experience. I couldn’t get the tripod to sit right and I am still learning how to use the DSC_0276camera. I didn’t think to take a torch or even my mobile so I got very frustrated very quickly. As soon as I got one that looked OK. I came inside. It wasn’t great on the computer but I had had enough. I should have played with it a bit more and got the settings right for my camera. But hey maybe next full moon.




Nick Clark Nick Clark

Canon 550d, 55-250mm lens, tripod, remote shutter
I shot this photo in aperture priority mode and set to f8 and ISO 100 which gave exposuretimeof 1/60.

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