October 19: Pink

Pink Nipper I took this photo of my Niece at board training for nippers. She hates being in the water and complains about it every week but she had a massive photo in every photo I took. She was using a Pink board and had a pink vest on. These were brought in as a rule a few years ago after a young nipper was killed in the surf at a nipper carnival. Now all kids have to wear them in the water to allow for easier visibility.





Birthday cake inspection
F/2.2 1/400 ISO 320








Flowering Gum Took this with 60D camera – aperture f/5.6 shutter 1/100 sec ISO 125

A Cactus of hope there will be rain soon. As we know Cactus flowers sometimes only last for a day and their beauty is amazing to the eye.
ISO 100


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