May 2019: Tell A Story

Get Well Soon.


Dads Story

The story of my 86 year old dad looking at the photos of his farms and his younger days farming.  What is really going through his mind!

Sony Cyper Camera

F 3.5



Quiet moment – a self-portrait
Taken with my 35mm at 1/160, f1.8 and ISO500. It’s grainy, but embraces the concept that an image of the moment, however imperfect, can evoke emotion and nostalgia far more than no image at all.

Reading with Grandma.
Wanted to catch the love and “moment” that comes with reading a story with Grandma. This is a special time and love this photo and the moment it captures. And as a plus, it Tells a Story!!!!!
SS 1/100, Fstop 2.8, ISO 1000 approx and D500 on 35mm lens.

This is Mary Sunshine

She was a character I played in a local musical production of Chicago.
I took this photo as a “Selfie” with the Wall of Fame in the background, telling the story of all the different performers that have been on the Civic Stage since its opening.
It was so surreal at the time that I was now one of those performers.

“When a glance says it all”
My youngest grandson’s first visit to my home with his Dad last week & he was fascinated with my family’s 100yr old pianola, just as his daddy was at that age.
Sometimes no words are needed to explain a precious captured moment in time.
This photo already means so much to me, my son & his wife & I’m certain it will to Hugo later in his lifetime

What’s outside?
f2.4; 190th sec; 280 ISO

This was taken in China on the Yangtzee River shore excursion where everyone had to navigate their way over these board walks
Aperture   setting  –   f/5.6   1/250 sec   ISO  200

Telling A Story

Mother & Son


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