May 2019: Open

Autumn Reflections

Sony Cyper Camera

F 3.2

ISO 80



Dirty Drought
Taken on my 35mm, at 1/320, f2.2 and ISO250


Moon through a Telescope
Took a series of shots through my Brother in Laws Telescope. I love this one and the details it shows.
D500 on Telescope. SS 1/60 ISO 100 couldnt adjust fstop.

This is a photo taken of our gorgeous florist Kate for her Deb Ball with her family.

I was endevouring to get the family framed with the tree at the side and the leaves in the foreground.


“Powder puff”
Canon EOS-RP (mirrorless)
f/4, 1/640, ISO-400 (Manual mode, partial metering)
Taken at Canon Collective “Powder shoot” workshop in Dubbo in April this year.
My first hands-on with one of their mirrorless cameras with the new 24-105mm RF lens.
Was happy with my shots considering I had no time to familiarise myself with a totally different system & setup.




Elephant Fun
Was a really hot day at Dubbo Zoo and the elephant keeper had some fun with the elephants and with water.
Canon 60D shutter priority   f/5.6   1/320 sec   ISO 125


Study In Silk





All Hands On Deck

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